SharePoint WorkFlow Assign Task – Not Sending Notification Email

I inherited an approval workflow that had an Assign a Task step in it.  For some reason, the system wasn’t sending the notification to anyone when the task was assigned.  It took a little bit to find, but after more time than I’d be willing to admit, I found the solution.  1. Open the workflow in SharePoint Designer 2. Find the line Assign a task to. 3. Right click on it and select Properties…   4.  Check WavieAssignmentEmail.  Mine was set to “Yes”.  I changed it to “No”, problem solved! Hope this helps you out!

Is Office 365 Secure?

One of the first questions I hear when companies start discussing the move to Office 365 is, “Is it Secure?”  The thought being if I keep everything on-premise, I have my eyes on everything I can keep it secure. It’s almost like putting money under your mattress is more secure than putting it in the bank because banks fail and are robbed. The answer is yes, it is secure. While no system is 100% fool-proof, it is about as secure as you can get. More and more companies are moving to the Cloud for that reason. Technology, especially criminal technology,…
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SharePoint Administration Permission Levels and Security Groups

One of the biggest and best features of SharePoint is the ability to separate and secure your content so that only the people that you want to have access to it, actually have access it to it. Also, you can control the level of access. Read, Contribute, Full, or custom. Here is a beginner’s guide to SharePoint Administration levels and groups that I did for a client and have given at user group meetings: SharePoint Administration & Permissions from Craig Jahnke

The Office 365 Product

What is in Office 365 and how much does it cost? Like so many things in the IT world, it depends.  The Business and Enterprise which range from $5-$20 per user depending on the level.  For a complete breakdown, you can visit the Office 365 site for a complete matrix with detailed comparison.  Microsoft does have plans for Educational, Non-Profits and Government organizations, so discounts are available. While all plans feature the standard Office suite of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more,  the Office 365 Enterprise E3  plan contains about everything that Microsoft offers in one package.  Office 365 gives you…
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.PDF Files Prompting to Save Before Opening

I recently migrated a site from 2007 to 2010.  Yes, I know 2010 is so last year and everyone is going to 2013, but my company is a little slow.  After the upgrade, I had users mentioning that .pdf files were no longer just opening when clicked on, but were prompting to save first. A quick search showed that this was due to restrictive permissions.  The best solution is to add the MIME type for .pdf to allow the file to open without prompting to save first. [sourcecode language=”powershell”] $webApp = Get-SPWebApplication (“”) $webApp.AllowedInlineDownloadedMimeTypes.Add(“application/pdf”) $webApp.Update() [/sourcecode] I found the solution…
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Elgin SharePoint Users Group Meeting

Yesterday we had another meeting of the Elgin SharePoint Users group I head up. We had a decent turnout, about 10 people. Our scheduled speaker could not make it so we just had an open forum. We discussed deciding on how many servers you needed for a SharePoint farm, some branding, some PowerShell, InfoPath and some administration aspects of SharePoint. All pretty good discussions. The rest of the evening we discussed the up coming SharPoint Saturday scheduled for June 1st in Addison, Il. for completed details. Since our group is co-hosting the event we went through the some…
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SharePoint Saturday in Addison, IL – June 1

I am working with a group of people to host a SharePoint Saturday event in Addison, IL on June 1st. It is being co-hosted by the Chicago Share-A-Pint group of Lombard and the Elgin SharePoint Users Group. Join SharePoint architects, developers and information workers for our next ‘SharePoint Saturday’ event. SharePoint Saturday is an educational, informative and lively day filled with sessions from respected SharePoint professionals and MVPs. We cover a wide variety of SharePoint topics with sessions for Information Workers, IT Pros and Developers. We also offer a SharePoint 101 track and hands-on labs! SharePoint Saturday is FREE, open…
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Get User ID from People Picker Name Field

I have a form library that is surfaced to a page and it uses the User ID of an employeemanager pairing and compares it to the Current User ID for security. If the Current User ID doesn’t mathc either the Employee or Manager User ID, then you get a Not Authorized to view form. For some reason, when I created the forms and populated the fields, the User ID fields didn’t populate correctly. Only the People Picker fields of the Employee and Manager Name fields populated the way they should. As a result anyone who didn’t populate correctly got the Not Authorized…
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Copying and Updating a SharePoint Designer 2007 Workflow

I recently had to update a process for performance agreements my company has on a SharePoint 2007 environment.  We were just copying the process from 2012 and doing it again for 2013.  I created document libraries with the same name as the old ones and added a 2013 to it. The workflows is almost the same, except it needed to point to the new document library. Here are the steps I used to create my copy. 1. Right click on the workflow I wanted to copy and select copy. 2.  Paste the copy in the same folder, then right click…
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POSH Tip – Writing Errors to a File Using Add-Content

This is a quick PowerShell tip to make error reporting easier.  In your catch block you can use Add-Content to write to a text file. Scenario: I was running a script to load data for a couple of thousand employees into a SharePoint list. I originally had just a write-host command to let me know when a person’s information rejected. Of course I soon realized that I would have to tell someone who rejected. A quick search through Get-Command let me to the Add-Content Cmdlet [sourcecode language=”powershell”] Catch [system.exception] { $count = $count+1 Write-Host “Error processing $EmployeeUserId $ManagerUserId” -ForeGroundColor Red…
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